About Us

Meet Adam, Beckie, Felix, Angus and Oscar! A typical family of 5 looking to live life outside. Outside of the box, outside of the norm, outside of the 4 walls that surround us. As teachers in the public system, we fulfill our passion for working alongside children daily. We also love to be outside and have seen the first hand effects of surrounding our children with experiences in nature. Mentally, emotionally and physically, our boys show us daily how valuable outdoor education, quiet moments, and emergent learning truly is. We feel strongly compelled to combine our two passions and to nurture children’s inherent connection to nature. For years, the world has been affirming our desires to build a Forest School through the experiences we have had, the people we have met and the community connections we have made. We strive to get back to the basics of living, find more synergy with our land and to explore and learn more self-sustainable living arrangements while maintaining a meaningful connection and role in our community and neighborhood.

We believe when trying to create change in life, you have to demonstrate to the universe your commitment to the change. In 2021, we sold our house in the city and trusted the right home with the right property would come up for us to fulfill our dreams of starting a Forest School. After an intense search, we found our magical Carolinian forest home. Since then, we have embraced the philosophy that you must show the universe your commitment to your goals. Even in our moments of doubt, we have continued to approach our dream with positivity and excitement because at its core, we know our vision feels right for our family.

If any of this resonates with you, please get in touch with how you want to get involved. Whether that be your children joining our forest school, a workshop or learning session offered at our school, or other creative ways to get involved, please join us on our journey!