Our Programs

Burrs and Buds

A 2 hour program for 18 months-3 year olds and their parents

A program designed for toddlers and preschoolers, but many babies and school aged children have enjoyed it as well! You and your child will engage in song, creative movement, make and take crafts and both guided and free-flowing forest exploration. All activities stem from a nature theme and provide children with many opportunities for cognitive development, sensory experiences and social engagement. Your child will be presented with opportunities to problem solve through loose parts, engage in imaginative play, and make friends. Please dress for the weather; there is a yurt for indoor breaks as needed. We try to be outdoors for the majority of the sessions. Siblings and partners are welcome!

The cost of the program is $20 per session, per child. Discounts are available for multiple siblings. Drop ins for $20 a session are welcome unless the program is full. This program fills up quickly. Committing to all dates in a session is the only way to guarantee your child a spot.

**Please look carefully at the dates because some weeks there is a break to accommodate other programs.


A full day or half day program for 3-5 year olds

A program designed for preschoolers. Your child will engage in loose parts play and problem solving, inquiry based learning and sensory experiences as well as develop their ability to follow rules and routines within a school-like environment all while exploring the forest. This program will help set your child up for success in their educational journey by familiarizing themselves with following a schedule, collaborating with peers, interacting with an educator and problem-solving with kindness and compassion. Activities are grounded in nature themes and follow the interests and needs of the individual group. This program is for children who are able to toilet themselves.

Flexible, modified day options are available. Please inquire for more details.

Offered on Thursdays

Fall Session – 10 weeks, $350 for half days, $700 for full days

Winter Session 10 weeks, $350 for half days, $700 for full days

Spring Session 12 weeks, $420 for half days, $840 for full days


A full day program for 4-7 year olds

A program designed for early school-aged kids. With a focus on perseverance, your child will develop their self-esteem and confidence. Opportunities to engage in dramatic/creative play and unique endeavors provide your child with fun-filled days involving problem solving, communication and imagination. Educators understand the importance of literacy and numeracy and find every opportunity to incorporate these skills into learning whether that be recording observations, collecting data on species sightings or expanding our environmental vocabulary. Students participate in daily quiet moments, reflection, gratitude and communication to develop their ability to self-regulate and develop awareness of themselves and each other as learners.

Offered on Mondays

Fall Session – 10 weeks, $700 for full days

Winter Session 10 weeks, $700 for full days

Spring Session 12 weeks, $840 for full days


A full day program for 7-11 year olds

A program designed for fun-loving kids! Kids will engage in safe risky play, problem solving, team building activities and nature inspired creative expression. Through pushing their limits gradually, providing individualized coaching and following the intrinsic motivation to explore the natural environment, your child will develop their self-esteem and confidence. As a group, we strive to develop perseverance and resilience and support each other as we grow.  We will also incorporate grounding experiences and self-regulation practices through the use of meditation, mindful reflection and gratitude. There will be an introduction to tools such as the handsaws, hammers, measurement tools and orienteering tools. We will encourage community connections based on the interests of each particular group. Music lessons with a focus on ukulele are included in the 7-11 age group.

Offered on Wednesdays

Fall Session – 10 weeks,  $700 for full days

Winter Session 10 weeks, $700 for full days

Spring Session 12 weeks, $840 for full days


A full day program for 10-13 year olds

A program designed for older fun-loving kids. Your child will be encouraged to use divergent thinking to solve both hypothetical and real world problems within nature and with varying degrees of community involvement. Land stewardship is of great focus as learners develop a deeper awareness for their footprint on the earth at both a micro and macro level. Your child will be exposed to whittling, carving, fire building, orienteering/mapping and hatchet use. Quiet moments of reflection, gratitude, goal setting and emotional regulation will be woven into our days. Our aim is to help children to develop confidence and humility in tandem. Music lessons with a focus on ukulele will be included in the 10-13 age group.

Offered on Tuesdays (Sept 19, Nov 7, Dec 19, Feb 20, Mar 19, May 7)

All year program – 6 Tuesdays, $420 for full days

PD DAY Series

Join us for our PD DAY Survivor Series

Stress less about childcare of GEDSB PD days! Here at Ebb and Flow we will teach your kids how to seek and build shelters, start fires and cook over an open fire, track and identify animals, use a map to orient themselves and more! 

All year program, offered as a package deal on 5 GEDSB PD DAYS.

Sept 15, Nov 17, Jan 22, April 19, June 3rd 

5 days, $350 for full days