Meet Our Team

Adam Munce

Lead Facilitator

Adam is an Ontario certified teacher and has his Child and Nature Alliance Practitioner Certification. He has taught in the public education system for 8 years and has additional qualifications in Special Education, Mathematics and Music. Adam is a proud and active father of 4.

Along with nature and mountain biking, Adam is passionate about music. He heads a local originals band as the singer-songwriter playing the guitar, ukulele and mandolin. Adam believes we must teach the whole child to truly provide balanced education. By providing varied experiences, asking rich questions and engaging in open dialogue and discussion, we can develop learners’ ability to think critically with confidence and create meaning in the world in which we live.

Terri Nikolasevic

Early Childhood Educator

Terri is an Early Childhood Educator and has been sharing her love of learning for over 20 years while teaching and learning with children. She enjoys dancing, singing, gardening, water sports, and snowmobiling.

Terri believes authentic opportunities in natural environments foster children to develop inquisitive minds and a genuine excitement for learning. “A stick,” you say . . . oh the possibilities! She is passionate about seeing all children succeed in a way that brings them fulfillment, honours their individuality, and helps them to recognize themselves, and each other, as important members of a learning community.

Amy Williams

Burrs and Buds/Sprout Facilitator

Amy is a homeschooling mom of two, who is very passionate about encouraging everyone to play! She believes that play is essential to all of us, especially children and whether you are 1 or 101 there is always room for more opportunities to discover, adventure and play!
It is Amy’s goal to create a safe space for children to explore their imagination, discover the answers to questions like “what happens when I do this?”, get messy during the process, and to find and be their genuine selves. She believes being outdoors allows for a less distracted environment for children to really get to know themselves through risky play, connection with others and connection with all the beauty that nature has to offer.
Amy has been working with kids for over 20 years in many different settings. Such as volunteering at community events, including making slime and other crafts at children’s tables, teaching figure skating, being a part of the Big Brother Big Sister program and coordinating a teen esteem program for young girls. She has also worked as a party planner for Bingemans FunworX and worked for 10 years at Idea Exchange Cambridge Library, creating and facilitating children’s programs. She has a BA degree in Sociology and Child and Youth Studies that she completed at Brock University. She is currently enrolled in the Forest and Nature Practitioners Course. She is very excited to be learning even more about building a better connection to our land, and being able to integrate that into guiding children in nature in a fun and play-filled way!

Lisa Lee

Burrs and Buds Facilitator

Lisa Lee is a Child and Youth Worker with almost 20 years of experience working with children in a variety of different environments. She enjoys camping, cooking, running, the outdoors, and spending quality time as a family with her husband and their two active boys.

Lisa believes that spending time outdoors in nature comes with many benefits for a child’s learning. It allows children to use their imagination and creativity more freely, fosters an independence, enhances their confidence as they experiment and take risks, and builds a deeper connection with themselves, their peers and nature. She says it is a true joy to watch a child’s excitement and learning come to life with the possibilities being among nature offers.

Lisa is looking forward to having fun, growing, exploring, and learning herself with the children in the forest and Ebb and Flow!

Angela King


Angela is a stay at home mom who loves giving back to the community through volunteering. She has worn many volunteer hats over the years, from leadership trainer, risk manager and events coordinator, to fundraising and chair. Her BBA from WLU and the different roles she has had have given her unique perspectives and the ability to be flexible and empathetic. She loves going on new outdoor adventures with her family and appreciates the benefits of being immersed in nature. She enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, at the beach, swimming, playing tennis, golf and skiing and her time indoors, reading, baking, playing board games and even sewing when time permits. She looks forward to learning and growing in the forest with the children at Ebb and Flow.